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Optium® Acrylic 3.0mm

Optium® Museum Acrylic 6.0mm Optium® Museum Acrylic with OP-3 UV Filtering 3.0mm
(also available in 4.5mm)
Physical Characteristics
Size 48x96in./121.92x243.84cm 72x120in./183x305cm 48x96in./121.92x243.84cm
Availability 1 lite box/32 sq. ft. 1 lite box/ 60 sq. ft. 1 lite box/32 sq ft.
Thickness 1/8in./3.0mm +/-0.3mm 1/4in./6.0mm +/-0.3mm 1/8in./3.0mm +/-0.3mm
Weight 22 lbs. per lite 89 lbs. per lite/1.5 lbs. per sq. ft. 22 lbs per lite
Substrate Clear abrasion-resistant acrylic Clear abrasion-resistant acrylic Clear abrasion-resistant OP-3 acrylic
Coating Sputtered anti-reflection Sputtered anti-reflection Sputtered anti-reflection
Performance Data
UV Protection 300-380nm 93% 98% 98%
Light Transmission 97% 97% 97%
Light Reflection <1.6% <1.6% <1.6%
Resistivity 1x1010(Ohms/Sq.) 1x1010(Ohms/Sq.) 1x1010(Ohms/Sq.)
Anti-Static Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Reflective Both Sides Both Sides Both Sides
Outgassing None (less than 200° F) None (less than 200° F) None (less than 200° F)

Information courtesy of Tru Vue®