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Optium® Acrylic Cleaning Tips

  • Fingerprints
    • Leave the protective film in place until you are ready to install the Optium® Acrylic, then handle with cotton gloves to prevent fingerprints.
    • If fingerprints do occur, use a mixture of liquid dishwashing detergent and water; dab on the fingerprint with a soft cloth. The fingerprint will be removed.
  • Dust
    • Thanks to their anti-static property, Optium® Acrylics will not attract dust like other glazing materials. Should you wish to brush off Optium's® surface, use an anti-static brush or micro-fiber cloth.
  • General Cleaning
    • If general cleaning is desired, use a mixture of 2 parts alcohol to 8 parts water, and wipe using a soft cloth or micro fiber cloth.


**DO NOT USE AMMONIA -BASED CLEANERS, AEROSOL CLEANERS OR STANDARD ACRYLIC CLEANERS. While these cleaners will not damage the Optium® Acrylics, they will create streakiness that requires additional effort to remove. If such a cleaner is used in error, reclean with the above-defined alcohol/water mixture.**