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Luxar Anti-Reflective Laminated Glass

Luxar uses a multi layer optical thin film coating. The individual layers are metal oxides which are extremely hard and durable, and therefore do not corrode. The top layer is a quartz-like protective layer, which allows the glass to be easily handled and cleaned.

Optium® Acrylic FAQ

Q: Are there similar products to Optium® Acrylic?
A: Optium® Acrylic is the only picture framing acrylic product with anti-reflective, anti-static properties.

Q: Besides Optium® Acrylic, are there any other anti-reflective security products on the market?
A: While there are other plain acrylics available, the only alternative in anti-reflective security is a laminated glass product.

Q: Are all Optium® Acrylics coated on both sides?
A: Yes. Using a patented technology the substrates are coated edge-to-edge on both sides.

Q: How does this process affect light transmission?
A: The anti-reflective Optium® coating allow for 96% of the light to reach the surface of the artwork with less than 2% reflection.

Q: Do Optium® Acrylics filter UV?
A: The family of Optium® Acrylic products provide UV protection. See the Product Specs chart for specific UV blocking performance data.

What is Optium® Acrylic?

Optium® Acrylic is a lightweight anti-reflective clear coated acrylic. Using a clear abrasion-resistant acrylic substrate, both sides of the substrate are coated using a patented technology called Optium®.

This technology utilizes a wide-band anti-reflection coating that maximizes the transmission of acrylic substrates over the visible spectrum.

These optical qualities combined with UV protection, anti-static properties and a lightweight acrylic substrate, make the family of Optium® Acrylic™ products an attractive alternative to glass.